Freight Forwarder category added to Lloyd’s List Awards 2020


Following the one-off cancellation of the Global Freight Awards 2020, due to the ongoing uncertainties arising from COVID-19, Lloyd’s List has adapted its awards portfolio for 2020 with new categories that may appeal to freight forwarders and other Lloyd’s Loading List readers.

As Lloyd’s List sets aside its traditional awards portfolio for 2020 in order to recognise the exceptional circumstances in which the maritime industry has found itself as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the categories for the December 2020 event will be a Freight Forwarder award.

But the revised list of categories and criteria that has been created this year – to recognise not only high standards in maritime, but also the resilience and innovation shown by the industry in the face of unprecedented adversity – includes several other awards that will be open to Lloyd’s Loading List readers that are involved in the maritime sector, including freight forwarders, NVOCCs, or other agents and operators involved in the ocean freight or wider maritime businesses.

In addition to the Freight Forwarder award, key categories suited to many of Lloyd’s Loading List’s notoriously entrepreneurial readers include an award for Entrepreneur of the Year. In recognising the role of the entrepreneur, the judges will seek out those who have demonstrated vision and success, turning an idea into reality, finding solutions that address a substantial global challenge, creating new opportunities for the maritime industry, or exploiting a market with a fresh approach.

Lloyd’s List will reward entrepreneurs in each of the Americas, APAC, Europe and SAMEA (South Asia, Middle East & Africa) regions. The organisers and judges will also recognise winners in each of those regions for the Company of the Year category, another award that will be open to and may appeal to Lloyd’s Loading List’s core readers.

Other key relevant categories include: Environmental Management; Technology & Innovation, and Individual Achievement.

The 2020 awards will also build on Lloyd’s List’s 2019 programme, rewarding the industry’s transition to decarbonisation and recognising best in class environmental management, data and technology innovation, safety and training and a range of other industry disciplines.

The full list of categories:

Company of the Year

Entrepreneur of the Year

Environmental Management

Freight Forwarding

Individual Achievement 

Maritime Law

Port Management and Infrastructure

Safety and Training

Provision of Seafarer Wellbeing

Technology & Innovation

The organisers encourage involvement in the awards irrespective of an entrant’s scale or budget. Independent judges and Lloyd’s List will look for innovation, best practice and flexibility in managing the challenges posed by the effects of COVID-19.

Recognition will go to those that have best navigated what will be a highly challenging year for much of the maritime industry, protecting employees and customers and preserving their businesses.

Full details of the entries process can be found here: