Air freight quality initiative Cargo iQ expands into the cool chain


Cool Chain Association partners with Cargo iQ as it develops ‘Care Mapping’ for pharma logistics and other Special Care areas, with CCA members set to take part in a Cargo iQ pilot programme

Air freight quality initiative Cargo iQ has teamed up with the Cool Chain Association (CCA) to support trials of a new Cargo iQ initiative to develop ‘Care Mapping’ in the temperature-controlled supply chain.

In what is a new direction for Cargo iQ, the IATA-sponsored initiative to develop best-practice and standard air freight processes, to extend those standards into specialist product areas and verticals such as cool chain and express, CCA members will join an Advisory Board supporting Cargo iQ’s pilot programme, which aims to develop tools and standards for planning and control, as well as for process and provider evaluation of conditions under which shipments move.

“CCA members are focused on improving the cool chain to help reduce food loss and to ensure that life-saving pharma shipments arrive safely with the patients that need them,” said Stavros Evangelakakis, CCA chairman and head of global healthcare at Cargolux Airlines. “To achieve true transparency and move the industry forward, it is vital that we collaborate and share knowledge with like-minded stakeholders such as Cargo iQ and its members.”

Cargo iQ’s ‘Care Mapping Pilot’ will initially focus on pharmaceuticals, with other Special Care services, such as valuables, live animals, and perishables, being road-tested once the methodology has been finalised.

Ariaen Zimmerman, executive director of Cargo iQ, said: “Cargo iQ works with leading stakeholders such as CCA from across the air cargo industry to test the concept and help develop a simple, scalable method to provide both top-down and bottom-up planning, as well as transparency for all operators in the supply chain.”

Cargo iQ will officially launch its Care Mapping Pilot, announcing the companies that are taking part, at IATA’s World Cargo Symposium in Istanbul next month. Cargo iQ Pilots are open to any relevant company and are not restricted to Cargo iQ members. Cargo iQ will also hold its Annual General Meeting in Istanbul together with the announcement of another pilot on parameters for service differentiation.

CCA said it will be announcing a series of new initiatives and events over the coming months, “all focused on delivering tangible benefits to the temperature-controlled supply chain”. CCA will host two events this year: a Perishables Conference in Cape Town, South Africa, in June and its Eighth Pharma and Biosciences Conference in Vienna, Austria, in September.