CMA CGM launches 'world first' liquid reefer solution


CMA CGM, the French liner operator, has unveiled a world first in the transportation of liquids using a temperature-controlled container as an alternative for shippers to conventional breakbulk transportation.

Developed in partnership with German juice specialist Teconja and liquid packing expert Liqua, the state-of-the art technology known as ‘Reeflex’ allows for liquids to be loaded into a container using a specially designed single-use recyclable bag, with a capacity ranging from 12,000 to 24,000 litres.

According to CMA CGM, the second largest reefer carrier in the world behind Maersk Line, Reeflex will be capable of transporting liquids including juices, milk, compotes, syrup and oil products.

The liquids’ nutritional and chemical properties will be maintained due to a sterile environment and controlled temperatures ranging from -35°C to 20°C.

Reeflex will be compatible with 40 ft refrigerated containers and can be installed in as little as three minutes. Once the bag is installed an external pumping system can fill and empty the bag in around 35 minutes.

CMA CGM’s Reeflex technology follows the launch last year of the carrier’s Aquaviva solution, a temperature-controlled reefer designed to ferry live lobster across the Atlantic as an alternative to the more traditional air cargo route.