Looters raid boxes lost at sea


Although an investigation is still underway to determine the cause of the accident, Log-In Logistics said bad weather had contributed to its Brazilian-registered general cargo vessel Log-In Pantanal losing 45 containers overboard from the ship’s deck just four kilometres off the coast of Sao Paulo last Friday.

Log-In Logistics also claimed "there were no containers that fell into the sea with cargo declared as dangerous, according to the criteria of the International Maritime Organization”.

The incident resulted in the arrest of at least 11 people caught looting the fallen containers some of which, according to eyewitnesses, opened upon impact near the port of Santos.

Sao Paulo Ports Authority (CPSP) reported that the incident happened between the hours of 1:30am-3:00am last Friday, August 11. It brought about the closure of the port’s shipping channel for two periods for safety reasons.

Local people went out to the floating containers in speedboats and plundered consumer goods which included bicycles, clothing, hospital equipment, school backpacks, tyres, air conditioning units and electronics. Police said they had chased down two speedboats loaded with stolen goods and 11 people had been detained.

Log-In Pantanal is a 182.48m cargo vessel registered in Brazil. Local media reported the Brazilian ship unloaded 248 containers at the Port of Santos on Thursday before loading 341 boxes and encountering heavy swells after resuming its voyage.