APL rolls out third-party US chassis model


APL launched its third party provider chassis model in two different regions in the US this week - and after trials in these areas it is planning to launch the scheme in the interior of the country.

Following the decision to withdraw from providing chassis in the US - as most carriers have - APL is carrying out a phased-in process of 'handover', which began on August 1 in Denver and Salt Lake City. A third party chassis provider will provide the trucker and client with the chassis.

APL Americas president Gene Seroka said: 'We are working with the third party provider to make sure that the movement over to them from us is seamless, and also predictable. Using this provider is more efficient and ensures a higher utilization and better use of the assets.

'Our trials have been based on customer feedback and we have strict KPIs too. We are starting in these areas, and then based on customer feedback, we are hopeful that we will be able to phase it in in other areas, starting with the interior.'

He explained that there had been a lot of collaboration with shippers, as they wanted to be involved in the process. They will be given the opportunity to give real time feedback in the trial.

APL's method is just one model being used in the US - there are several different models, in different areas, being offered by other carriers.

APL announced earlier this year that it will stop providing chassis at most US inland terminals in 2012.