Smouldering container ship waits 100 miles off UK shore


MSC Flaminia and the accompanying group of tugboats have assumed a waiting position approximately 100 nautical miles off the British coast.

While the team of firefighting experts is onboard MSC Flaminia, the vessel is not towed.

Today, a team of firefighting experts has again boarded MSC Flaminia but it is yet unsure when a one-by-one inspection of containers can commence. This inspection aims at eliminating any shouldering fires inside of containers.

Fire-fighting and ship-building experts on site are among others assessing the stability of the vessel.

Overall, the situation onboard MSC Flaminia continues to improve. According to fire-fighting experts, almost no smoke generation can be observed from cargo holds 4 and 5.

Nevertheless, hotspots inside of individual containers should still be reckoned with.

A permission to enter a sheltered coastal area will be decided upon by authorities in the coming days.

Once the vessel has arrived at a so-called “sheltered area”, a secure sea area close to the shore, more thorough investigations can be continued.