Warehouse robbery in Brazil


FreightWatch International has warned shippers, manufacturers and transport companies to be extra-vigilant in the run-up to the holiday season, after US$1.75 million-worth of consumer electronics was stolen from an airport cargo facility in Brazil last week.

On Tuesday, a group of five armed men made their way into the TAM Cargo warehouse in the Viracopos International Airport in São Paulo after subduing and locking up eight security guards in a room. 

Brazil has recorded several multi-million dollar losses this year due to “warehouse invasions”, according to FreightWatch, which provides logistics security services across the globe. 

The beginning of the holiday shipping season has marked a rise in cargo theft activity, it warned. “Concentrated efforts by cargo-theft gangs targeting specific commodities that are popular during the holiday season, such as consumer electronics, consumer care goods and others, are already being felt. 

“The increased supply chain volume heightens the value at risk across all points in the supply chain. Warehouse robberies typically are the largest value incidents due to the high volume of product stored in single location.”