About Us

Global Container Sea Freight Group (GCSFG) was established in 2010 as a seller of ocean container freight to forwarders only. Within the period and growing of business, it has expanded its scope from offering services to freight forwarders only to all companies and individuals in the Transportation Industry.

Global Container Sea Freight Group is experienced in Container Shipping Lines, NVOCC and Freight Forwarding management worldwide. Our Worldwide team ensures that infrastructure, resources and services provided are of the outmost quality and meet the standard demands of the market. Our Team also coordinates the entire range of area operations to ensure seamless integrations of all services and provision.

Due to our international reach, GCSFG is able to recruit high caliber professionals from around the world. GCSFG’s most valuable resource is our team of dynamic shipping industry professionals that steer the high standards of teaching and learning in all GCSFG. Regular assessment of the market provides employees with opportunities for professional growth and a platform to develop new skills. Additionally, GCSFG provides its staff a wide range of professional development opportunities across the network. Together with a regular program of assessment and evaluation, all GCSFG Members along with the corporate level management perform to high professional standards with admirable efficiency.

At GCSFG, we believe that providing a framework of care and support for our members is central to members’ development in their business. We recognize that all members have a range of medium & small, emotional and personal needs that may need to be supported. Ensuring that members have access to this support will inevitably go a long way to ensuring that, members are able to make real progress in all areas of their business. Therefore we have developed an effective and well defined system of activity.

Global Container Sea Freight group has been outfitted with the very peak of a dashboard area for the members to send their rate requests to several agents, get better rates and services:

  1. 1 - Dashboard area: At the time being there are different items on this page which provide two-way communication among members.
  2. 2 - Discussion page: There is a possibility for each members of the group to add subjects on discussion page, such as advertising of their companies/activities/potential/service request and useful subject for discussion.

Global Container Sea Freight group benefits from an independent IT infrastructure; we have an In house team of Software Developers with a state of the art IT expertise and equipment to enhance our member’s experience.

Our software development team is working day and night to improve user experience and also improve the application performance. Our platform is working on top of the latest technologies available and keeping it up-to-date. Improvements and enhancements are added daily to the website without any interruption to the users that are using the site. We are using continuous integration and continuous testing to reduce bugs as much as possible and increase our software’s ability to adapt based on the market changes and adding new users requirements.

Feature and Road map

GCSFG has a group of highly motivated and up-to-date developers. As a team we want to create a unique and useful environment for our member so they can use it as a tool on their day by day activity. We have a very rich road map that we just give you a highlight of what we have on our back log:

  • Implementing a Voice solution for members communication
  • Shipment Tracking tool
  • Desktop Notification
  • Improving UI and User experience

We would love to hear from you so if you need to know more or you have any suggestion please don’t hesitate to send us your comments.